Closed-Circuit Television
Closed-Circuit television (CCTV) systems have become a must have for home and commercial security. SoundWaves utilizes proven technology to deliver high value and cost effective video monitoring solutions.  Most designs are custom as each business or organization has different needs and goals.  To meet project goals, the consultants at SoundWaves utilize a variety of industry known products to deliver the right solution for the job. Soundwaves is prepared to design and install a custom CCTV solution to meet the security needs of your business or to protect your family.

Broadband Internet Solutions
Soundwaves will work with your high speed internet service provider and create a wired or wireless home network with internet access. Whether you’re at your permanent home or setting up a vacation home that will be rented, high speed internet is becoming a necessity in everyone’s home. If listed under amenities in your rental agencies marketing literature, most renters will bring their laptops with them on vacation. They can either plug into a wired connection in the home through their computer network card, or wirelessly through a WAP(Wireless Access Point).

Distributed Audio/Video
Distributed Audio/Video is a solution that distributes audio and/or video throughout the house in various rooms, with multiple speakers. It is achieved with one or multiple audio and/or video sources playing throughout the house in one room or several, inside or out. This system is controlled with keypads or touchscreens located throughout the house. With consumer friendly products from top quality manufacturers like Elan Home Systems, the technology coupled with extensive training from Soundwaves results in a whole house audio or video system that grows as your needs do. Soundwaves is the only authorized dealer for Elan on the Outer Banks.

Home Automation and Smart Homes
It has been said that today’s luxuries are tomorrow’s necessities. Do you remember how you felt about the VCR, the microwave or more modern technologies such as cell phones and personal computers? Most people are slow to accept new technologies. At first you probably thought that these products were fads that would only be used by the very wealthy. Today they are a necessity of our everyday lives. Like these products, Home Automation will not only make your life much easier, but it is latest in modern technology that will soon be found in most households in America.

Home Automation refers to anything that will allow you to control things around your home automatically or from a remote location via telephone or personal computer. It can be something as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights, or as advanced as the use of voice recognition to activate your heating and cooling system from your bedroom. You can also operate appliances, security systems, home theaters and entertainment systems.

Structured Wiring
New or existing homes need an improved wiring method to handle current and future technologies. At its basics, structured wiring systems let homeowners control two or more high-tech systems, such as computers, entertainment, security systems, lighting, utilities and environmental controls. Structured wiring consists of high-performance cables and other wiring connected to a central distribution hub or master service center within the house(usually a utility closet). This central location for all of our home’s wiring allows for easy manipulation and expansion of these systems as the homeowners needs grow or change. Soundwaves has partnered with Elan Home Systems, a leader in the structured wiring industry and home network solutions. ELAN pioneered the first residential structured wiring solution with the introduction of the TD line in 1990. The 2007 Structured Wiring Line leverages 13 years of ELAN history and knowledge,and offers the next generationof complete wiring solutions that enable homeowners to enjoy both current and future technologies in an integrated home network.Whether it be a satellite, telephone, audio, or any other subsystem within the home, Elan Home Systems can help enhance your lifestyle.

Home Theater
Combining the high quality of audio and video, Home Theater, as it is often referred to, allows the consumer to enjoy their choice of media, with professional results in the comfort of their home. As small as a 37 inch LCD television, or as large a projection screen on the market today, these systems cover a broad range of items, and pricing depends on the quality, budget, and level of home theatre experience the consumer wants to create.