CCTV also known as Closed Circuit Television

Network Camera Solutions

Utilizing network IP cameras offers businesses higher quality images and far more functionality over traditional analog CCTV solutions.  DVR solutions tend to lock businesses into limited functionality, lower quality imagery as well as cluttered wiring solution.  Network camera solutions on the other hand provide a scalable solution with lower impact on facility wiring and much higher image quality.

Design difference (Network IP Vs. Analog DVR)

Using Gigabit Ethernet cabling with IP Network Cameras allows for less wiring, future remodeling (camera/server relocation) as well as scalability.  Analog CCTV still has it’s benefits as a hardwire solution and on jobsites where large quantities of cameras are required.

What can you do with CCTV?

  • See who’s at the door from any TV in the house.
  • Check on the baby while watching TV.
  • Watch the kids in the pool while online in the den.
  • Monitor activity throughout your home, from any TV, even your PC monitor.
  • Watch cameras from your smart phone, computer or tablet.