Distributed Audio/Video

Distributed Audio is a home audio installation that distributes audio throughout the house, in various rooms, indoors and outdoors. Whole house audio can be achieved with one audio source playing through the house or with multiple audio sources playing in different rooms at the same time. Keypads are located in each room/zone so that each family member is able to listen to diffrent music at various volume levels without disturbing the preferences of the other members of the household.

Distributed Video is similar to Distributed Audio, allowing several video sources located in a central location to be viewed independently of one another. The kids can view a movie on the media server while mom and dad watch Discovery HD on satellite.

The AV system in each room/zone can be operated independently and cable boxes, DVD players can be hidden away in another location. This is especially beneficial with todays flatscreen displays as there isn’t a way to locate the AV components on the wall next to/under the flatscreens without the presence of unsightly brackets and wiring.With consumer-friendly speakers and products from top-quality manufacturers like RBH, Energy, Elan, Key Digital, and Russound, this technology coupled with extensive training from SoundWaves results in a whole-house audio or video system that grows as your needs do.