Home Theater

Are you tired of fighting crowds, dealing with babysitters, and waiting in long lines just to see a movie? Why buy a ticket when you can create the experience of a cinema in your own home? With technologies like Ultra HDTV, HDTV, and Bluray High Definition DVDs, and Dolby True HD® surround sound format , it is now easier than ever to have a home theater installed in your home that rivals the best cinema in town.A properly set up Home Theater will deliver all the potential of movies on DVD — quality you’re missing if you’re just watching a television.You’ll be able to experience movies at home the way the filmmaker intended, with film-quality images and cinema quality sound.Whether you dedicate a room or wish to blend your home theater into a family room or den, we can create a home entertainment area that everyone in the family will enjoy.The goal of Home Theater is to create a cinema quality experience in the comfort of your own home. Doing it requires more than just a big screen TV and some speakers.There are two main components that go into a Home Theater: audio and video. The audio or sound can the most critical part of your viewing experience because it creates the most important effect — the surround effect or the feeling that you’re actually inside the movie.

The standard for Home Theater surround sound is Dolby Digital®. It delivers clear dialog and the most realistic sense of atmosphere. It’s sometimes referred to as 5.1 because there are 5 full range channels of sound plus another channel dedicated to low frequency effects.  Bigger dedicated theatersand more powerful amps now allow for 7.1 systems and there is even an 11.2 surround sound receiver on the market.

Producing high quality surround sound requires a surround sound processor/decoder with proper amplification(often incorporated in an A/V receiver), five to nine surround speakers and one or two subwoofers. The processor in the receiver decodes the surround sound information from the DVD movie, HDTV or satellite broadcast.

Creating the film-like images for Home Theater requires consulting to determine the optimum screen size. Large screen LCD’s, Plasma TV’s, and larger projection screens can all be used, but quality varies greatly among different models and manufacturers. Soundwaves is able to offer you expert consultation on proper video equipment selection and installation.

The best picture is created through a combination of high resolution display, accurate geometry, and proper color, contrast, and brightness configuration. Having your set professionally calibrated by Soundwaves is recommended.

Home Theater systems often have many pieces of equipment that must be controlled. Adding a custom programed remote control to simplify operation is an investment that will pay off immediately in convenience and ease-of-use.  Soundwaves will not sell a system to a customer that will not agree to a certain level of control to make their systems easy to use.  You as the customer are making a significant investment with SoundWaves and we guarantee our systems are user friendly for babysitters, guests, and renters of vacation homes.

Automated lighting and shading complete the home theater experience. It’s easy to incorporate control of these ‘atmosphere’ elements with your system controller.

Soundwaves will work with you and your contractors every step of the way to create a home theater experience that will rock anything you can ever imagine.Soundwaves will design and install a custom home theater that is simple to operate and amazing to watch. We offer competitive pricing on all of our equipment and services. Contact us today and see why we are the Outer Banks’s best option choice equipment, installation, and service needs. Our goal is to provide you with custom home theater solutions and service for all budgets and lifestyle needs.
Have you ever watched your favorite movie in your own home and thought to yourself?… This is missing something… It doesn’t have the magic of a movie theater.This can more than likely be attributed to the television or your speakers. You may be watching a television which isn’t calibrated or sized properly. It could be you’re using the speakers in your television to provide sound or your surround sound system may not have been properly designed.There can be a number of reasons as to why you are unsatisfied with your current experience. Soundwaves can fix these problems… or design and build a custom home theater solution to meet your specific demands.Soundwaves is the premiere home theater design and installation company on the Outer Banks. Our quality of work and installation experience is second to no one. We were the first to achieve CEDIA certification and pride ourselves on staying atop the rapidly changing consumer electronic market.