Structured Wiring

New or existing homes need an improved wiring method to handle current and future technologies. At its basics, structured wiring systems let homeowners control two or more high-tech systems, such as computers, entertainment, security systems, lighting, utilities and environmental controls. Structured wiring consists of high-performance cables and other wiring connected to a central distribution hub or master service center within the house(usually a utility closet). This central location for all of our home’s wiring allows for easy manipulation and expansion of these systems as the homeowners needs grow or change. Soundwaves has partnered with Elan Home Systems, a leader in the structured wiring industry and home network solutions. Whether it be a satellite, telephone, audio, or any other subsystem within the home, Elan can help enhance your lifestyle.
This is where services from outside the home (cable TV, telephone, digital satellite, Internet, etc.) enter the home, are physically integrated, and from which are distributed to locations throughout the home – similar to the electrical breaker panel on the high voltage side. We try to locate the distribution panel in a climate controlled utility area so that the area can also be used to locate other electronic equipment and other system modules in more advanced applications and home solutions.HIGH PERFORMANCE CONNECTIONS
Just because advanced services can reach the house doesn’t mean that you can access them. Soundwaves will wire your home with the proper cabling to access phone, data, video, and other applications. Services such as digital satellite TV, distributed audio/video, high-speed internet access, home automation and lighting control require high performance cables.